HFSS Covid 19 Impact Survey Results

In October we began the process of assessing the educational impact the Covid 19 pandemic has had on our students. We invited all parents, students, and teachers to share their experience and any key areas of concern they felt was having an impact on academic progress.

Across all our educational stakeholders, 819 people responded. We greatly appreciate all respondents taking the time to share their valuable insight and best equip us with meaningful data.


Summary of results

The survey divided responses into those of teachers, parents and students. There was a large consensus on the biggest issues faced by students in HFSS. Across all three groups, overwhelm/stress and lack of motivation to learn were cited in the top three areas of concern.

Ranked areas of concern Teachers Parents Students
1 Concentration -43% Overwhelm/stress- 40% Stress/Overwhelm – 31%
2 Less motivation- 40% Less motivation- 24% Less motivation- 30%
3 Overwhelm/stress – 37% School days missed- 22% Concentration- 25%


Actions arising from the data

We are currently in the process of many initiatives which we hope will greatly aid students in their ability to excel as confident, motivated and happy learners. These are focused on making strides in the areas for development which the survey data has directed us towards.

  • HFSS is committed to increasing the number of wellbeing hours offered to our students. Wellbeing hours can include additional hours in P.E, SPHE, CSPE, tutor time and digital literacy classes. The senior and middle leadership teams are currently evaluating what would be the best allocation of these additional hours for our students.
  • Our academic and curriculum review committee have made proposals to reduce the number of subjects studied by our junior cycle students in future exam cycles. Feedback on this is currently being collated. After extensive in school appraisals of these options has taken place by senior and middle leadership, we will invite parents and students to vote on the best option viable for HFSS students moving forward.
  • Our School Self Evaluation (SSE) committee are piloting a goal setting exercise with their classes to evaluate its impact on student motivation. This is also being trialled in many 1st year maths classes. If this is deemed to be a helpful tool by students and teachers alike, it will be introduced at a whole school level to further aid our students.
  • This year we have introduced additional extra-curricular clubs such as rugby, walking, games, drama, debating. We also open the gym at lunchtime for recreational sports. We continually strive to improve the extra-curricular options offered at HFSS to best meet the needs and interests of our students. We strongly urge students to engage with extra-curricular activities, a vital aspect of school life and holistic development.