This is a group that welcomes all students with an interest in photography, particularly taking pictures. The group encourages students to use their camera or their phones to capture aspects of everyday life. Students can then edit the picture in any way they would like and post it in our club.  

Some weeks the group sets a theme such as nature, this means students can post any picture they have taken in this category.  

We us an online platform, Microsoft Teams, to post pictures into our group. Students are encouraged to interact with as many pictures as possible by liking or commenting. At the end of the month, the pictures with the most interactions get printed and placed on our photography board for all the school to see. These pictures are also shared on the school app and social media page.   

Our aim is to give students a club to join that has the following benefits; 

  • Photography skills are developed  
  • Social interaction  
  • Promotes the appreciation of  the everyday beauty.  
  • A safe online platform to post pictures.  

Photos from our Photography Club

January 2023


September 2022